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HELIOS: Plant-Based Epigenetic Physique Modulator - 120 Capsules

HELIOS: Plant-Based Epigenetic Physique Modulator - 120 Capsules

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Elevate Your Potential: Discover the synergy of 7 potent ingredients designed to obliterate genetic limits, empowering you with epigenetically amplified strength, muscle growth, and fat-shedding abilities.

🌿 Nature-Powered Blend: HELIOS boasts a mix of plant-derived androgens, pro-anabolics, and groundbreaking epigenetic agents that redefine your genetic bounds.

🧬 Decoding Epigenetics: 'Epigenetics' means 'above-genetics' - compounds that can change how genes express. While genetics provides a basic protein production blueprint, epigenetic compounds rewrite this blueprint, enabling you to maximize your physique.

Key Ingredients:

💪 Turkesterone 500mg: A class of ecdysteroids, turkesterone promotes protein synthesis and muscle growth. It stimulates the Akt pathway, a key regulator of muscle growth and protein synthesis, making it an ideal choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

🌿 Beta-Ecdysterone 300mg: Enhances nitrogen retention in muscles, promoting an anabolic state, facilitating lean muscle gain, and aiding in the reduction of body fat.

🌀 Phosphatidic Acid 250mg: Activates the mTOR signaling pathway crucial for muscle protein synthesis, pivotal during resistance training.

🍫 Epicatechin 200mg: Inhibits myostatin, allowing for greater muscle growth. Enhances nitric oxide production, improving nutrient delivery to muscles.

🍏 Ursolic Acid 150mg: Stimulates muscle growth and reduces muscle atrophy by enhancing insulin and IGF-1 signaling. Its antioxidant properties aid in overall wellness.

🌲 Pine Pollen 100mg: A natural source of testosterone, supporting the hormonal environment required for muscle growth and packed with vital nutrients.

🌊 Ecklonia Cava 150mg 🌊: Rich in polyphenols with potential benefits in fat reduction, muscle cell proliferation, and gut health modulation.

🌊 Ecklonia Cava Benefits:

  • Fat Reduction: Battles fat accumulation, especially in abdominal obesity. [1]
  • Oxidative Stress Reduction: Lowers oxidized LDL levels and boosts antioxidant enzymes. [2]
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces inflammatory markers. [2]
  • Muscle Growth: Stimulates muscle cell growth through Smad and IGF-1 pathways. [3]

Unleash unparalleled strength and physique with Gaia's Legacy HELIOS.

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